Female entrepreneurs are entering the startup space in large numbers. In fact, the number of women entrepreneurs has more than doubled within the past 20 years. According to the Small Business Trends Alliance, the reasons women give for starting their own businesses are 1. Become their own boss 2. To pursue their passion 3. To leave their current profession. Female led businesses generate well over $1 trillion in revenue each year according to the US Census Bureau.

Michigan never falls short of inspirational women. Here at MWF; we like to highlight some amazing women in our Hall of Fame Timeline, such as Rosalind Brewer. A Detroit native and a first-generation college student, she started as a chemist and has risen to now become the CEO of Walgreens. She is the first and currently the only black woman to be the CEO of a S&P Fortune 500 company.

Brewer along with many other Michigan women have shaped our work today and will benefit our work tomorrow. To explore more stories, visit Hall of Fame Timeline – Michigan Women Forward (miwf.org).