As we strive to level the playing field for entrepreneurs at MWF, we recognize there are various factors that impede entrepreneur’s ability to access the resources required to be successful. Access to a network, capital, and time are all barriers that many entrepreneurs face but even the most successful can be halted by biases. At MWF we strive to eliminate gender and racial bias as we strive to create a more equitable economy. As we developed the 53 Voices Challenge, we realized we had an awesome opportunity to move the needle towards our goal by changing the ways in which we accept applications. So, for this challenge we are requesting entrepreneurs to submit a voice recording of their idea and a short 500-word concept paper. We believe by asking reviewers to simply listen to contestants during the application review process, we will eliminate inherent biases all individuals face. On July 5 the 53 Voices Challenge launches and we are asking all entrepreneurs with business ideas to submit their voice recording and concept paper for an opportunity to win cash prizes of a maximum of $8,450.