3/24 WEI Wednesday

3/24 WEI Wednesday Throughout March, we’ve been grateful to see businesses and individuals take dedicated time to celebrate women’s history. We want to take this opportunity to reflect on the evolution of women in entrepreneurship and how the growth of this movement is the key to creating gender equity. Women have historically experienced higher rates of unemployment, are paid at rates significantly lower … Read more

Success Story: Spikberg Quilting

Mark Spikberg

Spikberg Quilting: Turning a Passion into a Microbusiness A Michigan Women Forward Small Business Success Story When Mark Spikberg of Tecumseh left his job in the automotive industry, he was looking to keep busy, not start a business. But opportunity knocked and Michigan Women Forward helped him open the door. It all started with a … Read more

How to Advocate for Women at Work

How to Advocate for Women at Work Women have come a long way, but we all know that they haven’t come far enough. Women still make less than a man for the same work; 82 cents on the dollar or less, depending on the study. Women still don’t occupy their share of corporate leadership positions. … Read more

Success Story: Last Mile Café

Last Mile Café: Brewing Good Coffee and Great Values in Grand Rapids A Michigan Women Forward Small Business Success Story America loves coffee. According to the National Coffee Association, 66% of us drink it every day, and most devoted coffee drinkers consume multiple cups per day. So, when West Michigan natives Sarah Laman-Davis and Arick … Read more

Top Resources for Black-Owned Businesses in Michigan

Top Resources for Black-Owned Businesses in Michigan Here’s the good news: The past few years have shown a significant spike in Black-owned employer businesses (those with more than 1 employee). According to the Brookings Institute, “from 2017 to 2020, the number of Black-owned businesses across the country increased by 13.64% — larger than all businesses … Read more

7 Things Small Businesses Can Learn from the Detroit Lions

7 Things Small Businesses Can Learn from the Detroit Lions “Same Old Lions.” Any Detroit Lions fan knows the expression and the feeling of watching the team lose game after game, season after season. But this year is different! Our beleaguered team has been reinvented. For the first time in 32 years, the Lions are … Read more

WEI Newsletter 08/09/2023

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit this August as we join the nation in celebrating National Black Business Month. Throughout this month-long observance, we pay tribute to the incredible achievements of black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs, who have made a profound impact on our communities and economy. Among the approximately 124,551 black-owned businesses, an impressive 28.5% (35,547) of … Read more

WEI Newsletter 07/26/2023

Female entrepreneurs are entering the startup space in large numbers. In fact, the number of women entrepreneurs has more than doubled within the past 20 years. According to the Small Business Trends Alliance, the reasons women give for starting their own businesses are 1. Become their own boss 2. To pursue their passion 3. To … Read more

WEI Newsletter 06/28/2023

As we strive to level the playing field for entrepreneurs at MWF, we recognize there are various factors that impede entrepreneur’s ability to access the resources required to be successful. Access to a network, capital, and time are all barriers that many entrepreneurs face but even the most successful can be halted by biases. At … Read more