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We’re Here to Help.

For Entrepreneurs and Partners:

If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding and technical assistance resources, please see our COVID-19 Resource page.

Michigan Women Forward received funding to create the COVID-19 Entrepreneur Assistance Project– a project that will match entrepreneurs who are experiencing hardship during the pandemic with subject experts and contract workers.

Apply for Assistance

If you are an entrepreneur or have a current loan with Michigan Women Forward and need to talk to a loan officer about loan concerns or other services and support for your business to operate during this time:

Call: 248-518-0035 or Email:

For general questions about MWF or for all other needs:

Call: 313-771-3520 Email:

For those who want to help business owners through the crisis:

Michigan’s women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs need you now more than ever.

Because of donations from people like you, Michigan Women Forward provides microloans to women and minorities who don’t have access to traditional loans from banks. The current COVID-19 crisis and the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order poses difficult challenges for business owners, and many are struggling to stay open. Consider providing a helping hand to an entrepreneur by contributing to Michigan Women Forward’s Resilience Fund or by sharing your skills and talents.

Share your skills, expertise, or services with an entrepreneur:

Do you have expertise that could potentially help an entrepreneur in need through the pandemic? Please consider signing up to assist an entrepreneur through the COVID-19 Entrepreneur Assistance Project. We will compile a list of people willing to help and will try to match you with an entrepreneur with a need.

Sign Up To Help

Donate to the MWF Resilience Fund:

In order to assist our women entrepreneurs in Michigan, we are setting up the Michigan Women Forward COVID-19 Resilience Fund. This fund helps MWF meet the needs of women-owned businesses and support special projects during this time.

Please consider helping women in your community by donating to the MWF COVID-19 Resilience Fund.

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