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Young Women for Change

There are countless issues that affect females in our state and beyond.

Why not be part of the solution?

That’s the philosophy that inspires our Young Women for Change (YWFC) programming and the work we do to this every day.

How it works:

High school girls work in teams to identify areas of improvement for women in their own community. They learn about the issues, brainstorm with one another and find creative solutions for those problems.

Through our YWFC programs, girls discover causes they’re passionate about. Many have even carried that passion with them as they enter college and career. We love to see our participants take a stand for local issues and become part of the solution even after our program ends.  

YWFC teaches members to be decision makers, team players, empowered women and (perhaps most importantly) leaders.


Girls Group
Godwin Heights Middle School (Chapter supported in honor of Joan Budden)
Grand Rapids University Prep Academy
Kalamazoo Chapter of the Links, Inc.
Pretty Brown Girl Foundation
YWCA West Central Michigan

Thank you for your support!