4/12 WEI Wednesday

4/12 WEI Wednesday

Dear entrepreneur,  At MWF, our vision is to create an inclusive economy for the state of Michigan so that all women and girls can reach their full potential. This year, our Women’s Entrepreneurial Initiative programming has been focused on creating equity. We believe by reducing the digital divide, empowering entrepreneurs through an increased understanding of their … Read more

4/7 WEI Wednesday

Dear entrepreneur, It seems that we can finally welcome spring and the warmer weather that comes with it! While welcoming April means Women’s History Month has officially ended, MWF is still here celebrating and supporting women both past and present. We already know women and entrepreneurs of color face significant obstacles in the workforce and to … Read more

3/24 WEI Wednesday

3/24 WEI Wednesday Throughout March, we’ve been grateful to see businesses and individuals take dedicated time to celebrate women’s history. We want to take this opportunity to reflect on the evolution of women in entrepreneurship and how the growth of this movement is the key to creating gender equity. Women have historically experienced higher rates of unemployment, are paid at rates significantly lower … Read more