Dear entrepreneur , It takes a special person to be an entrepreneur. I have always known this, but after the past year, I believe it more than ever. 

Since the start of the pandemic and related business shutdowns/ public safety requirements, many Michigan entrepreneurs have had to summon a new kind of resilience that they didn’t know was in them. I know that many of you have laid awake at night not knowing if your businesses would survive, and yet you got up in the morning and kept going anyway. I admire your passion, persistence, and relentless hope. 

Michigan Women Forward is bringing together a group of experts to have a conversation about what resilience looks like in this next chapter as businesses begin to reopen to full capacity and people return to work in-person. Join us for a virtual panel on June 23 at 8am between entrepreneurs and funders – it’s free and open to all! 

As always, please reach out to us if you have questions about applying for a microloan through Michigan Women Forward. Sincerely,Alexis Dishman 
Chief Lending Officer 
Michigan Women Forward
Michigan Women Forward’s WEI Program is made possible by contributions from generous individuals, corporations, and foundations. To view a list of our funders, click here. Thank you!

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