3/24 WEI Wednesday

Throughout March, we’ve been grateful to see businesses and individuals take dedicated time to celebrate women’s history. We want to take this opportunity to reflect on the evolution of women in entrepreneurship and how the growth of this movement is the key to creating gender equity.

Women have historically experienced higher rates of unemployment, are paid at rates significantly lower than their male counterparts, and are generally undervalued in many workplaces. As a result, many women have turned to entrepreneurship instead of pursuing traditional career routes, birthing the micro-enterprise movement. Opening a small business creates an opportunity for a woman to earn a living wage while taking care of her family. At first, women-owned businesses were typically service-focused and had low cost to entry. As access to education advanced, women’s entrepreneurship has expanded to professional services such as engineering, law, and accounting. Across the board, when women are leading small businesses, they are more likely to hire other women and create environments where women employees are valued.

Despite the evolution of the types of businesses women start, access to adequate capital poses a significant barrier to entry and expansion.  As we celebrate the progress of women’s entrepreneurship, it is important that we acknowledge there is still a long way to go. Michigan Women Forward will continue fighting for gender equity by providing access to capital and technical assistance — ensuring we expand opportunities for all women entrepreneurs. 
My Best,
Alexis Dishman
Chief Lending Officer
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