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As we marked the first day of spring on Sunday March 20 and are adjusting to daylight savings, at MWF we are also reminded that the income tax filing deadlines are upon us.   These are important dates for entrepreneurs in their journey to create and maintain sustainable businesses.  Without adequate financials and tax returns, it is difficult to plan, with that in mind I encourage entrepreneurs to take an opportunity to review these documents when you receive them from your tax preparer or CPA.   

At MWF one of the ways we prioritize supporting entrepreneurs in their pursuit to create and grow sustainable businesses is to provide technical assistance programs that are focused on fiscal acumen. We have developed programs such as Let’s Get your Financials in Order, expanded our partnership with J & F Accounting, presented the cash flow 101 series and are featuring an upcoming two-part series “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”, all to support entrepreneurs.  We are also developing tools and additional trainings that will be available on our YouTube channel, stay tuned for additional information.  

If you have not selected a tax preparer or CPA please see below, we have listed a few options below.  

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