Michigan Women Forward’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative seeks applicants who want to understand their financial performance and predict future financial success. “Let’s Get Your Financials in Order” is a program for existing businesses located in St Clair County. The program will consist of 4 weeks of in-person training with Shelly Obrzut, EA. She will cover the following topics: (1) Understanding balance sheets and income statements, (2) Key financial metrics to monitor for daily and weekly success, (3) Understanding and assessing financing needs, and (4) Matching capital type with the project need and applying for financing. Each client will also receive 12 hours of one-on-one accounting services, a free laptop with QuickBooks, and an additional 3 weeks of QuickBooks training. The program will also include a workshop on marketing, digital communications, maintaining a website, and using digital tools to communicate with your customer.

If your small business is located in St Clair County and you are interested in attending this free program. The Applications will open on February 27, 2023.

For more information email Maggie Toole, Business Development Officer, at MToole@miwf.org