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Leverage the Power of Peer Learning

Michigan Women’s Foundation proudly presents PeerSpectives® Roundtables for the Emerging Second Stager, or PRESS - a forum connecting you with other talented female entrepreneurs who encounter similar business challenges and can speak from experience.  We believe entrepreneurs learn best from other entrepreneurs! 

“The Peerspectives program provides time to be strategic. So often, we are just putting out fires. We need to make the time to separate ourselves from the day to day – to get out of the weeds - and to work proactively.”   - Christina L.

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Each cohort includes 8-10 women from noncompeting industries who, in a confidential setting, identify and address issues and problems, and, through open dialogue, discover strategies to overcome challenges, gain insight and knowledge, improve decision making, maximize performance, and gain confidence to reach the next level of business growth. 


“At first, I wasn't sure of the value, but realized it was an awesome opportunity to think in new ways about goals, issues, and challenges.” - Kathy C.

Groups are forming! 

Who should participate in a Michigan Women’s Foundation PeerSpectives® roundtable?

High potential women entrepreneurs who have been in business 3 or more years and/or have three or more employees.

What are the costs and time commitment?

  • Members commit to participating for up to one year
  • There are 8 - 9 meetings per year
  • Each meeting lasts 3.5 hours
  • Annual investment is $350

Apply for a MWF PRESS roundtable.

For more information, contact Kris Ridings at 616.930.4196 or kridings@miwf.org.


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